A Unique Way to Celebrate Popular Comic Book Icons at a Kelowna Grocery Store

At a grocery store in Kelowna, British Columbia, a remarkable display of popular comic book icons has captured the attention of both locals and people across Canada. The Save-On-Foods at Orchard Plaza has become an unconventional art gallery, with massive mosaics of Batman and the Joker created solely out of soda boxes. These larger-than-life sculptures have gained national recognition and gone viral on social media, showcasing the incredible talent of Eric Falkenberg, the assistant operations manager at Save-On-Foods and the mastermind behind these creations.

Unlike traditional artwork, Falkenberg’s sculptures are made by carefully stacking and assembling soda cases with familiar logos. The attention to detail and intricate 3D mosaics have captivated audiences for years. Falkenberg’s passion for creating impressive temporary sculptures began six years ago when he won a contest hosted by Coca-Cola with a design of a polar bear clutching a Coca-Cola bottle. Since then, he has been hooked on the craft, continually pushing boundaries.

With eight Master Merchandiser awards to his name, Falkenberg’s soda box sculptures have become a celebrated form of art in the grocery industry. The awards recognize the best merchandising displays in grocery stores across Canada. Falkenberg’s talent lies not only in his creative vision but also in his meticulous planning and execution. Some of his structures require support from wood and steel frames, and he spends weeks designing and constructing them at his home before setting them up in the store with the help of his colleagues.

The impact of Falkenberg’s art goes beyond the grocery store shelves. His sculptures have garnered millions of views on social media platforms like TikTok, prompting him to consider creating a TikTok channel to share his creations with an even wider audience.

For those visiting the Save-On-Foods at Orchard Plaza, Falkenberg’s sculptures offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Customers can admire the incredible craftsmanship while browsing through their favorite grocery items. And as Christmas approaches, Falkenberg is already planning “something big” for a special holiday display that promises to be a visual feast. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this unique celebration of popular comic book icons at the Kelowna grocery store.


Q: How long has Eric Falkenberg been creating soda box sculptures?

A: Eric Falkenberg has been building soda box sculptures for over six years.

Q: How many awards has Falkenberg won for his creations?

A: Falkenberg has won eight Master Merchandiser awards, which recognize the best merchandising displays in grocery stores across Canada.

Q: What are Falkenberg’s sculptures made of?

A: Falkenberg’s sculptures are made by carefully assembling soda cases emblazoned with familiar logos.

Q: How does Falkenberg plan and design his sculptures?

A: Although some people assume Falkenberg uses computer graphics, he actually designs his sculptures the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. He also receives help from his colleagues at Save-On-Foods in setting up the displays.