Unseasonably Warm Weather Persists in Toronto Ahead of Thanksgiving Weekend

Toronto residents can continue to enjoy summery temperatures in the upcoming days as warm weather holds steady until the Thanksgiving long weekend, according to Environment Canada. The forecast indicates mainly sunny skies on Wednesday, with a high of 28 C. However, due to humidity, it will feel closer to 33 C, providing a last taste of summer before autumn fully sets in.

Yesterday, Toronto experienced record-breaking heat, surpassing the previous record set on October 3, 2001. With a high of 29 C, the city outshined the previous benchmark of 27 C.

The unseasonably warm trend isn’t expected to stop on Wednesday. Environment Canada projects a high of 26 C on Thursday, accounting for humidity, which will make it feel like 29 C. Toronto residents can anticipate similar conditions of summer-like weather for one more day before fall arrives.

However, as the weekend approaches, there will be a notable shift in the weather pattern. Environment Canada forecasts a change to fall-like temperatures. On Saturday, Toronto will experience rain along with a high of 14 C. This will be followed by consecutive daytime highs of 12 C on both Sunday and Monday.

As nature transitions to a new season, it’s time to prepare for cooler temperatures. Break out the jackets, start sipping on hot apple cider, and get ready for the vibrant colors and festivities that autumn brings.


1. Will the warm weather continue throughout the Thanksgiving long weekend?

As of now, the warm weather is expected to continue until Thursday, with a notable drop in temperatures over the weekend.

2. How long does summer usually last in Toronto?

Summer in Toronto typically spans from June to September, although some warm days can extend into October.

3. What are some popular outdoor activities to enjoy during warm autumn days?

With pleasant temperatures, outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, and cycling are ideal for enjoying the beauty of autumn foliage. Additionally, visiting pumpkin patches and corn mazes are popular fall activities for families and friends to partake in.