The Elanora Hotel in East Gosford Wins Best Pub Steak in New South Wales

The Elanora Hotel in East Gosford, located on the picturesque NSW Central Coast, has been awarded the coveted title of the best pub steak in the entire New South Wales. This prestigious accolade was presented to the pub at the Australian Hotels Association NSW Awards, held at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. The Elanora Hotel proudly shared the news on its Facebook page, accompanied by a photo of the award.

With a rich history spanning seven decades, the Elanora Hotel has been a beloved establishment for both locals and visitors alike. Their menu boasts a variety of mouthwatering steaks sourced from local Wagyu cows, ranging in price from $34 to $45. The pub’s commitment to quality, flavor, and exceptional dining experience has undoubtedly contributed to their well-deserved recognition.

In addition to the Elanora Hotel’s triumph, the historic Tattersalls Hotel in East Armidale also garnered recognition for serving the best steak sandwich in the region. Priced at $26, this delectable creation features a Turkish bun filled with succulent steak, accompanied by wasabi mayo, caramelized onion, and a crisp salad. A true delight for sandwich enthusiasts!

The AHA NSW Awards commend excellence in various categories including accommodation, dining, entertainment, and employee service. While the winners this year encompassed locations throughout the state, it is commendable to see establishments outside of major cities receiving well-deserved recognition for their outstanding contributions to the hospitality industry.

As steak remains a beloved dish, a recent reader poll shed light on popular steak sauces. Surprisingly, the overwhelming favorite was mushroom sauce, capturing a staggering 30% of the survey respondents. Pepper sauce followed closely behind with 20% of votes, while classic tomato sauce and barbecue sauce ranked lower at 8% each. A small percentage of respondents, approximately 10%, preferred to savor their steak without any additional sauce.

The Elanora Hotel’s achievement highlights the dedication and passion of its staff in delivering an exceptional dining experience. Whether indulging in their award-winning steak or savoring their mouthwatering steak sandwich, patrons can be assured of a memorable culinary journey at this coastal gem.