First Minister Humza Yousaf’s In-Laws Stranded in Gaza Amidst Escalating Conflict

In a troubling turn of events, it has been revealed that the parents of Nadia Maged El-Nakla, the wife of Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf, are currently trapped in Gaza as the conflict intensifies between Israel and Palestine. While visiting relatives in the region, they found themselves caught in the crossfire of the recent Hamas attack on Israel.

Israeli authorities have advised them to leave the area, citing the impending destruction of Gaza. Unfortunately, safe passage for them seems uncertain, despite the efforts of the British Foreign Office. Yousaf expressed his deep concern, describing the anxiety he and his family experience night after night, not knowing if his elderly and frail in-laws will survive. It is important to note that they, like the majority of Gazans, have no affiliation with Hamas or any acts of terror.

Yousaf took this opportunity to condemn the Hamas attack unequivocally, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between innocent civilians and those responsible for acts of violence. He underscored the need for a peaceful resolution, stating, “We must strive to protect the innocent and work towards a peaceful and just solution for all parties involved.”

As the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to escalate, the plight of individuals like Yousaf’s in-laws serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of war on civilians. It is our hope that a diplomatic resolution can be reached swiftly, ensuring the safety and well-being of all those affected by the ongoing hostilities.


1. Who are the in-laws of First Minister Humza Yousaf?

The in-laws of First Minister Humza Yousaf are the parents of his wife, Nadia Maged El-Nakla.

2. What is the current situation of Yousaf’s in-laws?

Yousaf’s in-laws are currently trapped in Gaza amid the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine.

3. What advice have Israeli authorities given to Yousaf’s in-laws?

Israeli authorities have advised Yousaf’s in-laws to leave Gaza, as they believe the region will be heavily impacted by the ongoing conflict.

4. How is Yousaf feeling about the situation?

Yousaf expressed deep concern and anxiety for his in-laws’ safety, as their fate remains uncertain amidst the continuing hostilities.

5. What is Yousaf’s stance on the Hamas attack?

Yousaf unequivocally condemned the Hamas attack and stressed the importance of distinguishing between innocent civilians and those responsible for acts of violence. He called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.