The Consequences of Storm Babet: Long Eaton Residents Urged to Evacuate Amid Rising Flood Waters

Long Eaton residents in Derbyshire have been advised to vacate their homes due to severe flooding caused by Storm Babet. In response to the escalating situation, firefighters have been diligently knocking on the doors of over 250 households in the area, urging people to seek shelter elsewhere. The Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, along with other emergency services and local authorities, have been tirelessly addressing hundreds of distress calls and numerous incidents of flooding across the county.

To provide affected individuals with temporary respite, a rest center has been established at West Park Leisure Centre. Residents have been strongly encouraged to stay with friends and family or avail themselves of this facility as a precautionary measure against the rising floodwaters. River levels in Derbyshire are anticipated to peak in the early evening, particularly in the southern region of the county.

As the floodwaters continue to pose a threat, the Derbyshire County Council has emphasized the importance of taking action to safeguard lives and property. Though efforts to mitigate the impact have commenced in certain communities, extensive flooding and standing water persist on roads throughout Derbyshire. The council’s highways teams are actively engaged in clearing roads, removing mud and debris, and identifying potential hazards resulting from the flooding. However, given the extensive number of affected routes, this operation will require considerable time and resources.

Residents are urged to limit non-essential travel and to respect road closure signs and cones that have been deployed for their safety. The council has stressed the significance of community support during such challenging times and has called upon residents to assist one another wherever possible.

As events unfold, we will be providing live updates throughout the day on our blog, offering comprehensive information regarding the disruptions induced by Storm Babet. Additionally, our separate rolling blog will provide the latest updates on road closures, ensuring that you remain well-informed about the ongoing situation.


What is causing the flooding in Long Eaton?

The flooding in Long Eaton is a consequence of Storm Babet, which has resulted in unprecedented rainfall over the past 36 hours.

Where can Long Eaton residents seek shelter?

Long Eaton residents are advised to stay with friends and family or utilize the rest center set up at West Park Leisure Centre.

Are road closures in effect in Derbyshire?

Yes, road closures are in effect throughout Derbyshire due to extensive flooding and standing water. Residents are urged to respect closure signs and cones for their own safety.

How long will it take to clear the roads of mud and debris?

Clearing the roads of mud and debris is an extensive operation that will require substantial time and resources due to the large number of affected routes. The duration of the cleanup process is currently unknown.

What precautions should residents take during the floods?

Residents should limit non-essential travel, ensure personal safety, and assist others in the community wherever possible.