New Wind Change Offers Temporary Relief for NSW Upper Hunter Valley Bushfire

Residents of a town in the NSW Upper Hunter Valley can breathe a sigh of relief as a wind change has brought temporary respite from an ongoing bushfire threat. The authorities had previously advised residents to shelter in place as it was deemed too late to evacuate. However, the recent wind change has provided hope for a potential downgrade in the severity of the blaze.

According to NSW Rural Fire Service spokesperson James Morris, the south-westerly wind change that swept through the region significantly slowed down the fire’s progression. With the fire now burning in rugged terrain and away from the town, the immediate threat has diminished. There are currently only around 50 isolated properties in the vicinity of the fire.

While the situation in Segenhoe seems to have improved, a watch and act warning remains in place for a fire in Bretti on the state’s mid-north coast. Residents in Bretti and Tibuc have been advised to either prepare to defend their properties or evacuate as the fire continues to spread eastward. Firefighters are closely monitoring the situation as extreme fire danger and total fire bans remain in effect for several parts of the state.

This recent wind change and its impact on the fire’s behavior highlight the unpredictable nature of bushfires and the challenges faced by firefighters. As the hot and dry conditions persist, it is crucial for residents to remain prepared and heed the advice of authorities. This fire season is expected to be a long and challenging one, and vigilance is paramount in ensuring the safety of communities.


1. How has the wind change affected the bushfire in the Upper Hunter Valley?

The wind change, specifically a south-westerly shift, has significantly slowed down the progress of the bushfire in the Upper Hunter Valley. It has pushed the fire into mountainous terrain away from the town of Segenhoe, reducing the immediate threat to properties.

2. Is the situation fully under control now?

While the wind change has brought some relief, the fire is still active and being monitored closely. There are isolated properties in the area that could still be at risk, so fire authorities are remaining vigilant and prepared for any developments.

3. What is the current status of the fire in Bretti on the mid-north coast?

A watch and act warning is in place for the fire in Bretti, and residents have been advised to prepare to defend their properties or leave. The fire is spreading eastward, and firefighters are working to contain it.

4. What precautions should residents in affected areas take?

Residents in areas under threat should stay informed through official channels and follow the instructions of authorities. It is important to have a bushfire survival plan in place and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.