Hurricane Lee: Forecast Shifts East, Bigger Impact Expected on Prince Edward Island

As Hurricane Lee continues to strengthen, the latest forecast suggests a significant eastward shift, indicating a more substantial impact on Prince Edward Island (P.E.I). While it may not reach the intensity of its predecessor, Storm Fiona, it is crucial for residents to remain prepared and cautious.

According to Tina Simpkin, a meteorologist from CBC, it is important not to induce panic, but rather ensure everyone is ready to face the upcoming storm. “This is still going to be a storm that we have to contend with,” she stated.

The initial projections indicated Hurricane Lee’s landfall near the Maine-New Brunswick border, passing west of P.E.I. However, the updated forecast reveals a new trajectory, with the storm skimming across the western part of Nova Scotia, traversing the Bay of Fundy, and crossing over West Prince in P.E.I.

Simpkin emphasizes the significant size of the storm, which is anticipated to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds. Wind gusts ranging from 70 to 110 km/h are expected, accompanied by approximately 50 millimeters of rain.

The impact of Hurricane Lee is predicted to start affecting the island on Saturday afternoon, with adverse weather conditions persisting until Sunday morning. Islanders are advised to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.


Q: What is the current forecast for Hurricane Lee?
A: The latest forecast suggests an eastward shift in Hurricane Lee’s trajectory, resulting in a bigger impact on Prince Edward Island.

Q: What can we expect in terms of weather conditions?
A: The storm is expected to bring heavy rains and strong winds, with wind gusts ranging from 70 to 110 km/h and approximately 50 millimeters of rainfall.

Q: When will the impact of the storm be felt?
A: Residents should start feeling the effects of the storm on Saturday afternoon, with adverse weather conditions persisting into Sunday morning.