Relief in Hastings as Town Centre Escapes Further Flooding

Despite initial fears and an Amber Weather Warning, Hastings town centre has managed to avoid further flooding overnight on Saturday/Sunday. This news comes as a relief to the residents who were already affected by the recent flooding.

Hastings Council leader, Paul Barnett, confirmed that there was no additional flooding this morning due to receiving less rainfall than anticipated. As a result, the rest center has been stood down as all evacuated residents have been provided with accommodation. However, authorities remain on high alert and are prepared to respond if any problems arise in the coming days.

Acknowledging the efforts of various agencies and volunteers, Barnett expressed gratitude for their hard work and dedication in managing the situation. He outlined plans for a debrief with the Hastings Borough Council on Tuesday, with a multi-agency meeting scheduled soon. The aim is to ensure effective coordination and a comprehensive response to any future challenges the town may face.

Although Hastings Borough Council has expressed its commitment to the town’s well-being, Barnett now emphasizes the need for other agencies to exhibit a similar level of concern. This collaborative effort is vital to protect the community from the severe impact of future flooding events.

Meanwhile, Priory Meadow Shopping Centre remains closed on Sunday due to the flooding. However, they are optimistic about reopening on Monday, pending updates on their social media and website. While the car park remains closed, arrangements have been made for the retrieval of vehicles.

The town of Hastings can now breathe a sigh of relief as the immediate threat of further flooding has subsided. However, continuous vigilance and preparedness are necessary to address potential challenges in the future, and the collective effort of all agencies involved is crucial in securing the town’s well-being.


Q: Is there any further flooding in Hastings town centre?
A: No, there has been no further flooding in the town centre overnight on Saturday/Sunday.

Q: When will Priory Meadow Shopping Centre reopen?
A: The shopping centre plans to reopen on Monday, but it is advisable to check their social media and website for updates.

Q: Are vehicles accessible in the car park?
A: The car park is currently closed, but arrangements have been made for the retrieval of vehicles.