A Breakthrough in the Battle Against Organized Cannabis Cultivation in Greater Manchester

It has been a decisive week for law enforcement in Greater Manchester as they continue to disrupt organized criminal networks involved in cannabis cultivation. In a recent breakthrough, a second cannabis farm, containing over 400 mature cannabis plants, was discovered in the Hollins area of Oldham. This comes just days after a raid in the town center led to the seizure of 600 plants worth an estimated £500,000.

The Oldham Police force executed a dawn raid on Tuesday morning, using an angle grinder to access the premises. Two men, aged 24 and 25, were apprehended at the scene and are currently in custody for questioning on suspicion of cannabis cultivation. These arrests signify a significant blow to the criminal enterprises that are responsible for these large-scale cannabis farms.

Chief Superintendent Phil Hutchinson of the Greater Manchester Police’s Oldham District emphasizes the importance of these operations. He highlights that while cannabis-related crimes may be perceived as low-level offenses, they often contribute to more severe criminal activities and the proliferation of violence in communities. Hutchinson reveals that over £1.2 million worth of cannabis has been confiscated in the past week alone, demonstrating the substantial impact these raids have on disrupting organized crime.

The success of these recent operations also owes a debt of gratitude to the public. Hutchinson commends those who have come forward with information, emphasizing the crucial role civilians play in reporting suspicious activities. He urges the public to continue reporting their concerns, as these valuable pieces of information can help law enforcement dismantle criminal networks.

The recent raids in Oldham and the broader Greater Manchester area showcase the determination of law enforcement to tackle organized cannabis cultivation and its associated criminality. By disrupting the operations of these criminal networks and removing large quantities of cannabis from the streets, the Greater Manchester Police are making notable progress in making their communities safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many cannabis plants were found in the recent raid?

A: Over 400 mature cannabis plants were discovered in the recent raid in the Hollins area of Oldham.

Q: How much is the estimated value of the cannabis seized in the past week?

A: Law enforcement has confiscated cannabis with an estimated street value of £1.2 million in the last seven days.

Q: What is the role of the public in these operations?

A: The public plays a crucial role in reporting suspicious activities, which provides valuable information to law enforcement and aids in the dismantling of criminal networks.

Q: How does cannabis cultivation contribute to other criminal activities?

A: While cannabis-related crimes may be perceived as low-level offenses, they often support organized criminal networks that engage in more severe criminal activities, including violence.