Arrests Made in Connection with Carjackings and Armed Robberies, Disrupting a Dangerous Street Gang

Peel Regional Police have announced several arrests in connection with a series of carjackings and armed robberies tied to a notorious street gang operating in Brampton. The arrests were made as part of an extensive investigation known as “Project Sterling,” which was launched earlier this year.

According to Deputy Chief Nick Milionvich, the investigation has resulted in a total of 20 individuals facing a combined 103 criminal charges. These charges range from robbery with a firearm to assault and attempted murder. The alleged street gang has a well-documented criminal history with Peel Regional Police, and since 2019, authorities have laid 333 criminal charges against its members.

The robberies committed by the gang were characterized by violence and the use of firearms. Deputy Chief Milionvich emphasized the impact Project Sterling has had on community safety since its initiation, resulting in a reduction in the number of carjackings by 11 percent. Additionally, pharmacy robberies, which were another crime associated with the gang, have seen a decrease as well.

The gang had reportedly been recruiting young individuals to participate in their criminal activities, often compensating them accordingly. Participation was enforced through intimidation, making it difficult for individuals to escape the cycle of crime.

One particular incident highlighted by Det.-Const. Tara Farrow, the lead investigator of Project Sterling, involved an armed carjacking in Brampton, followed by a drive-by shooting in Toronto that injured a student. Working in collaboration with Peel police, Toronto investigators have laid 10 criminal charges, including attempted murder, in connection with that incident.

As part of the operation, police also seized two firearms with ammunition, six imitation firearms, and multiple edged weapons. Additionally, they were able to recover six vehicles valued at approximately $125,000.

The successful disruption and dismantling of this dangerous street gang have significantly contributed to the overall safety of the community. Peel Regional Police remain committed to protecting the public and will continue to take active measures to combat criminal organizations that pose a threat to the well-being of residents.


Q: When was the Project Sterling investigation launched?
A: The investigation was launched in early 2023 by Peel Regional Police.

Q: How many criminal charges have been laid against alleged members of the street gang?
A: Since 2019, a total of 333 criminal charges have been laid against members of the gang.

Q: What crimes were the gang involved in?
A: The gang was involved in various crimes, including robbery with a firearm, assault, and attempted murder.

Q: Is the community safer after the disruption of the gang?
A: Yes, there has been an 11 percent reduction in carjackings and a decrease in pharmacy robberies since the disruption of the gang.