Adelaide Hospital Investigates Power Failure Incident

An investigation is underway following a power outage at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide. The hospital experienced a complete loss of power when the transformer failed. As a result, ten high-risk patients had to be transferred from the intensive care unit to Flinders Private, while five elective surgeries were canceled.

During the power outage, two patients were in the middle of surgery. One visually impaired patient, Jason Jaxon, shared his experience of struggling to navigate his way back to his room without the usual visual cues from the lights. The incident caused confusion and panic among staff and patients alike.

Flinders Medical Centre CEO, Kerrie Freeman, confirmed that no patients were harmed during the power failure. However, she emphasized the need for a full report to understand the cause of the incident and ensure measures are put in place to prevent similar incidents in the future.

While power was restored overnight, a permanent solution to the transformer issue is still a few weeks away. An independent review will be conducted to determine the exact cause of the transformer failure.

Additional information or details about the investigation and potential preventive measures have not been provided in the original article.