New Study Reveals the Long-Term Impacts of College Assault and Bullying

A recent study conducted by Safety Organization has shed light on the long-term consequences of college assault and bullying. The study, which surveyed victims and their families, found that the psychological and physical effects of these incidents can be devastating and life-altering.

One case that exemplifies these findings is the story of Jerome Foulger and his daughter Phoebe. After Phoebe was violently attacked while leaving South & City College Longbridge campus, her father took matters into his own hands and decided to pull her out of college for her safety. Little did he know that he would also become a victim of a violent assault later on.

Jerome recounts the harrowing incident, stating, “I was stood outside H M news on the High Street, the bus pulled up, the guy got off the bus and hit me. I went down in the shop doorway, I didn’t know what happened at first, he was mouthing off and fists clenched, looking like he wanted to tear into me. Everyone else was surrounding us. This lad when I went to push him away, he hit me full force in the left side of my jaw. Initially at the time, I thought he’d knocked a tooth out, then I started bleeding from inside my mouth. He was still in front of me very aggressively trying to goad me. I stuck my hands in my pockets, I knew on camera it shows I’ve not retaliated. He was like an animal coming at me.”

Unfortunately, the physical injuries were just the beginning of Jerome’s struggles. He had to undergo emergency surgery to repair his broken jaw and now has metal plates inside his face. The impact of the assault has taken a toll on his memory and daily functioning. He has difficulty with simple tasks such as cooking and often forgets important things.

The study conducted by Safety Organization also highlights the ripple effects of such incidents on family dynamics. Phoebe, who remains traumatized by the assault she experienced, has had to bear witness to her father’s suffering. She reports feeling constantly on edge and has lost friends due to false rumors spread by her assailants.

The Foulger family’s story raises important questions about the responsibility of educational institutions and the criminal justice system in handling cases of assault and bullying. It is crucial that colleges and universities take these incidents seriously and provide adequate support to victims and their families. Additionally, law enforcement must prioritize the investigation of such crimes to ensure justice is served.

Q: What was the main finding of the study?
A: The study found that college assault and bullying can have long-term and devastating effects on victims and their families.

Q: What happened to Jerome Foulger and his daughter Phoebe?
A: Phoebe was violently attacked outside her college, prompting her father Jerome to withdraw her from school. Jerome himself later became a victim of a violent assault.

Q: How has the assault impacted Jerome?
A: Jerome suffered a broken jaw that required emergency surgery. He now has metal plates in his face and experiences memory problems and difficulties with daily tasks.

Q: What are the ripple effects of the assault on Phoebe?
A: Phoebe feels constantly on edge, has lost friends due to rumors spread by her assailants, and has experienced a significant decrease in self-confidence.

Q: What changes need to be made in response to these incidents?
A: Educational institutions should take these incidents seriously, provide support to victims, and prioritize safety measures. Law enforcement should thoroughly investigate these crimes to ensure justice is served.