New Title: Questions Surrounding Use of Force in Jacksonville Arrest Prompt Demands for Transparency

The release of body camera footage showcasing the arrest of Le’Keian Woods in Jacksonville has sparked controversy and led to calls for a thorough investigation. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office maintains that the brutal beating was justified, while Woods’ family and their attorneys are demanding transparency and accountability, urging the Department of Justice (DOJ) to intervene.

According to the arrest and booking report, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office apprehended 24-year-old Woods on Friday on various drug charges. The report states that the JSO’s Gang Unit trailed a gray Dodge Durango to a gas station, where a man dressed in all black, with his hood pulled over his head, exited the vehicle. This individual was later identified as Woods, and the officer suspected his involvement in a drug deal.

After a chase, during which Woods was warned that he would be tased if he did not stop running, the officer deployed a stun gun twice. The second taser deployment caused Woods to fall face-first onto the ground, resulting in visible bleeding. It remains unclear where exactly Woods sustained his injuries. The pursuing detective believed that Woods was armed due to his behavior of clutching the front of his waistline throughout the chase.

As the detective attempted to handcuff Woods, he allegedly resisted arrest, leading other officers to assist. According to the police report, Woods endured 17 blows, including punches, knee strikes, and elbow strikes to his face and ribs. The harrowing video captures Woods audibly groaning and struggling to breathe.

While the body camera footage shown at the press conference did not include the viral moment of Woods being slammed onto the ground, it has raised questions about the level of transparency demonstrated by the department. Attorneys Harry Daniels and Marwan Porter, representing Woods’ family, have expressed concerns about the limited disclosure of information, urging the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to fully release the entirety of the body camera footage.

Since his transfer to jail, Woods has suffered from swollen facial features, resulting in impaired eyesight, as well as dizziness and pain from a ruptured kidney. However, his treatment has been limited to over-the-counter medication and Vaseline, according to his attorneys.

The demands for transparency and a thorough investigation persist, with Woods’ family and their legal representatives seeking answers regarding the officers’ use of force during the arrest. The Department of Justice may indeed need to step in to address the concerns raised and ensure accountability in this case.


1. Is the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office defending the officers’ actions in the arrest of Le’Keian Woods?

Yes, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office argues that the brutal beating was justified and has not publicly acknowledged any wrongdoing by the officers involved.

2. What injuries did Le’Keian Woods sustain during the arrest?

While it is unclear from the body camera footage where Woods was injured, he visibly bled after falling face-first onto the pavement. Woods’ family and attorneys have reported that he suffered from swollen facial features, limited eyesight, dizzy spells, and pain from a ruptured kidney.

3. Why are the family and attorneys demanding transparency from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office?

The family and attorneys believe that the limited release of body camera footage raises questions about the level of transparency demonstrated by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. They are urging the department to share the full video to provide a complete account of the incident.

4. What actions are the family and attorneys calling for in response to the arrest?

The family and attorneys are demanding a thorough investigation into the officers’ use of force during the arrest. They have also called on the Department of Justice to intervene and ensure accountability in the case.