Jordan Peterson Ordered to Undergo Coaching Program by Ontario Psychologists

The College of Psychologists of Ontario has ruled that Jordan Peterson, a prominent Canadian psychologist and public figure, must undergo social media training due to complaints about his online conduct. The court decision, released on Wednesday, states that requiring coaching is a reasonable step considering the advice Peterson has allegedly ignored. While the ruling recognizes that professionals maintain their right to freedom of expression, it also acknowledges that they have responsibilities and must abide by the regulations of their respective bodies.

Contrary to rumors suggesting that Peterson’s freedom of speech is being curtailed, the court emphasized that the coaching order is not disciplinary and does not prevent him from expressing his opinions on controversial topics. The College of Psychologists of Ontario has expressed its intention to review the decision and proceed accordingly within the boundaries of its mandate and legal processes. Peterson’s legal team plans to seek permission to appeal the ruling, expressing their disappointment and concern about the potential impact on free expression within regulated professions.

Since gaining widespread recognition in 2016, largely due to his opposition to legislation expanding gender identity protections, as well as the success of his book “12 Rules for Life,” Peterson has become a frequent commentator on public affairs. His views, often expressed on platforms such as The Daily Wire and Twitter, have sparked controversy. Peterson has made critical remarks about a plus-sized model’s appearance and faced temporary Twitter suspension for comments about Elliot Page’s surgery.

In January 2023, Peterson released a document online detailing the complaints filed against him with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. He asserted that many of these complaints were made by his former clients, although the names were redacted. The college launched an investigation, ultimately leading to the requirement for social media training. Peterson’s refusal to comply prompted him to challenge the college’s authority in court, arguing that his speech falls under the realm of politics and outside the college’s jurisdiction.

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