New Evacuation Orders Issued as Wildfires in Yellowknife Worsen

Amidst the escalating wildfires in Yellowknife, residents are being advised to evacuate immediately due to the worsening conditions. The dangers posed by the fires have prompted local authorities to implement evacuation orders, urging citizens to prioritize their safety and seek shelter in safer areas.

The devastating impact of the wildfires has prompted Garth Wallbridge, a lawyer and former forest firefighter, to strongly encourage those who are still in Yellowknife to evacuate as soon as possible. Wallbridge, who has firsthand experience battling wildfires, understands the potential risks involved and insists on the importance of prioritizing personal safety.

While some residents have expressed their determination to stay behind and endure the fires, the chances of survival decrease exponentially as the fires continue to spread rapidly. The hazardous conditions, with open flames lining the highways, pose significant risks to those who choose to remain.

Warren McLeod, a Yellowknife resident, has made the decision to stay in a campground with his younger son and dog, hoping that the firefighting efforts will prove successful and allow them to return home soon. With loved ones in need of medical attention, McLeod feels the need to remain close to Yellowknife’s only hospital, as the firefighting teams require immediate medical care in case of emergencies.

However, residents like Geraldine Penney have heeded the evacuation orders and relocated to safer areas. Penney, along with her family, has encountered overwhelming support and generosity from communities along the evacuation route. Offers of food, accommodations, and other essential supplies have helped ease the transition during this challenging period.

As the wildfires continue to ravage Yellowknife and its surroundings, it is crucial for residents to prioritize their safety and heed the evacuation orders. The health risks posed by the intense smoke and flames necessitate immediate action. We must rely on the tireless efforts of firefighters and hope for a quick resolution to this destructive situation.


1. What should residents do in the event of wildfire evacuation orders?

Residents should prioritize their safety and evacuate immediately as instructed by local authorities. Leaving the affected areas and seeking shelter in safer locations is crucial to avoid potential harm.

2. Why do some residents choose to stay behind during wildfires?

Some residents may choose to remain in their homes due to personal reasons or a sense of attachment to their properties. However, it is important to note that staying behind puts their lives and the lives of others at significant risk.

3. How can residents affected by the wildfires receive support?

Communities along the evacuation routes often offer support to evacuated residents, including food, accommodations, and essential supplies. Local organizations and government agencies may also provide assistance during these challenging times.