Introducing Kelowna’s New Music Haven: Revelry Food+Music Hub

Kelowna’s music scene is about to get a major boost with the opening of the highly-anticipated Revelry Food+Music Hub. After years of construction, this two-story venue is finally ready to welcome music lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

Nestled on Ellis Street, just across from the downtown Library, Revelry sets itself apart by offering a unique concept – a cafe by day and a dynamic concert venue and event space by night. General Manager Ali Lewis believes that Revelry fills a void in Kelowna’s music landscape, which has experienced a decline in venues in recent years.

According to Lewis, Kelowna needs a place like Revelry to accommodate the city’s wealth of talent and the growing demand for live music experiences. With its sophisticated design and medium-sized capacity, Revelry bridges the gap between smaller brewery venues and larger theaters like Prospera Place.

When it officially opens its doors, Revelry will be able to host over 600 people for concerts, ensuring an electric atmosphere for music lovers and performers alike. Although the venue faced some legal obstacles along the way, its passionate supporters rallied behind it, raising over $10,000 in a GoFundMe campaign to cover legal fees.

Revelry owner Lee Simon is thrilled to announce an official opening date in the coming week, marking the culmination of years of dedication and perseverance. This long-awaited addition to Kelowna’s cultural landscape promises to be a hub of creativity, fostering a vibrant music community that continues to grow.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the music and revel in the atmosphere of Kelowna’s newest music haven, Revelry Food+Music Hub!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of Revelry Food+Music Hub?
Revelry Food+Music Hub is a versatile venue in Kelowna that functions as a cafe during the day and a concert and event space during the night.

How many people can Revelry accommodate for concerts?
Revelry can hold upwards of 600 people for concerts, providing an intimate yet energetic setting for live performances.

Was Revelry met with any opposition during its construction?
Yes, the nearby Madison apartment building’s strata corporation filed a petition in BC Supreme Court seeking a stop work order, claiming that the city did not perform its necessary due diligence. However, the litigation’s current status is unclear.

When will Revelry officially open?
Revelry is expected to announce an official opening date in the upcoming week.