King Charles III Delivers Passionate Speech on Ukraine and Climate Change

King Charles III of the United Kingdom captivated the French Senate with a powerful speech that called for a victory for Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia. The King condemned Russia’s “horrifying” invasion and emphasized the shared struggle for democratic values. He also drew attention to the pressing issue of climate change, presenting it as an “existential challenge” that demands immediate action.

Although the King’s speech was diplomatically worded to maintain political neutrality, its timing alongside Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s change over net zero raised eyebrows. Speculation regarding a potential rift on climate change between Downing Street and Buckingham Palace continues to swirl. However, the King carefully avoided any coded criticism and expressed his admiration for the action taken by governments, individuals, and the private sector to combat climate change.

During his speech, King Charles III underscored the importance of nurturing and strengthening the longstanding relationship between France and Britain. He urged for a partnership that promotes sustainability and echoes the wartime unity between the two nations. The King’s reference to the love his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, had for France further emphasized the historical alliance shared between the two countries.

The King’s address, delivered partly in French, received a standing ovation from the French Senate. His pronunciation and relatively good accent in the French language were commended by experts. The monarch’s evident emotion and the warm applause from senators added to the significance of the moment.

Following the Senate speech, King Charles III and Queen Camilla embarked on a series of engagements in Paris. Their itinerary included a visit to Notre Dame to witness the progress of its restoration after the devastating fire, meetings with sports stars such as former Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba, and the launch of an Anglo-French literary prize by Queen Camilla at the French national library.

As the three-day visit draws to a close, the royal couple will travel to Bordeaux to observe environmental projects. King Charles III’s passionate speech on Ukraine and climate change has not only highlighted these critical issues but also reinforced the deep historical and diplomatic ties between France and the United Kingdom.


What does King Charles III do?

King Charles III is the constitutional monarch of the United Kingdom. As the head of state, his duties include ceremonial roles, representing the nation both domestically and internationally, and providing support and guidance to the government.

How much taxpayer money goes to the Royals?

The exact amount of taxpayer money allocated to the British Royal Family is outlined in the Sovereign Grant, which funds the Queen’s official duties and maintenance of royal palaces. In the financial year 2021-2022, the grant was set at £85.9 million. It’s important to note that this money is not for personal use by individual members of the royal family but rather for official expenses and maintenance of historical properties.