Tragic Death of 11-Year-Old Girl at Water Park

An 11-year-old girl named Kyra Hill tragically died from drowning at Liquid Leisure water park in Berkshire on August 6, 2022, according to an inquest. Kyra went missing at the water park and was found over an hour later. She was taken to the hospital but unfortunately did not survive. The cause of death has been confirmed as drowning.

Thames Valley Police has stated that her death is not being treated as suspicious. However, an investigation has been launched to determine whether there were any breaches of health and safety regulations at the water park. Following the incident, the park was temporarily closed but was allowed to partially reopen a few months later.

During the inquest opening at Berkshire Coroner’s Court, Kyra’s father, Leonard Hill, inquired about the final cause of his daughter’s death and whether she died at the hospital. The coroner assured the family that more information about Kyra’s life outside of the traumatic evidence would be shared during the inquest.

It was revealed that Kyra, a schoolgirl from Croydon, was attending a birthday party at the water park when she encountered difficulty in a designated swimming area. Emergency services were called, and she was found and taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Further details about the incident and investigations can be found on BBC South’s social media platforms. Contact information has been removed for privacy reasons.

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