Las Vegas Man with Unique Eyeglasses Tattoo Charged with Murder

A man from Las Vegas, identified as James Gina III, has been charged with murder following the discovery of his girlfriend’s lifeless body. On Tuesday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to a report of a possible injury at a residence on Golden Arrow Drive. Authorities arrived to find Gina and his deceased girlfriend. Gina was immediately considered a suspect in the case, although the motive for the crime has not been disclosed.

Booking records from the open jail indicate that Gina, aged 50, is charged with open murder involving a deadly weapon, as well as owning or possessing a gun as a prohibited person. He is currently detained without bail.

The police have not disclosed the identity or cause of death of Gina’s girlfriend, with the Clark County Coroner’s Office responsible for determining those details.

Gina’s unique tattoos are noteworthy features in this case. His face is heavily tattooed, including a set of inked eyeglasses that frames his eyes. Additionally, there are bull horns that extend from his temples to the top of his head, as well as a dark mask-like tattoo that covers the lower portion of his face. He also has tattoos on his neck and the lower part of his ears.

This incident follows a similar case in Las Vegas, where George Anthony Bone was recently arrested for living with his deceased roommate’s body for two months. The woman’s family discovered her corpse inside a barricaded closet in their shared home, leading to Bone being charged with murder.

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