St Vincent’s Hospital in Lismore to Close and Become Aged Care Centre

After serving the community with private health services for over a century, the Diocese of Lismore has made the decision to close St Vincent’s Hospital in Lismore and repurpose it as an aged care center. The diocese has purchased land opposite the Lismore Base Hospital to construct a new private hospital on Uralba Street, although it will not develop or operate the facility. They are currently seeking a health service operator to manage the hospital.

St Vincent’s Hospital, established in 1921 by the Sisters of Charity, is the last diocesan-owned private hospital in Australia. According to business manager Greg Isaac, all other hospitals have merged with larger operators. The plan is for the existing hospital on Dalley Street to be converted into an aged care facility, expanding the diocese’s presence in aged care.

The timeline for the new hospital’s completion and opening has not been provided, as various consultations with stakeholders and government departments need to occur. In the meantime, the diocese will focus on enhancing their programs and support for aged individuals in collaboration with the local university.

Although the decision to close St Vincent’s Hospital may mark the end of an era, the diocese remains dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the Lismore community and surrounding areas.