Nine Memorable Moments from Liz Truss’ Prime Ministership

It has been a year since Liz Truss became the Prime Minister of Britain, which marked the start of a short and eventful tenure. As her successor, Rishi Sunak, continues with the business of government, Truss has been defending her record and is scheduled to give a speech this month on the economic chaos that ended her administration. The Labour Party is keen on reminding voters of her tenure.

Here are nine notable moments from Truss’ time as Prime Minister:

1) Truss enters Downing Street with high hopes: Truss defeated her rival, Rishi Sunak, in a hard-fought contest, and began her premiership with optimism. However, this was the peak of her leadership.

2) Truss challenges the status quo: Two days after taking office, Truss dismissed Tom Scholar, a top official in the Treasury. She aimed to disrupt the “Treasury orthodoxy,” but this decision would haunt her later.

3) Queen Elizabeth II’s death disrupts plans: Truss had to manage the carefully orchestrated plan for handling the death of the longest-reigning monarch. The period of national mourning put a halt to any new policies and hindered the fight against the opposition.

4) The mini-budget fails: Truss’s “Growth Plan” received negative responses, and the pound crashed to its lowest-ever level against the U.S. dollar. The mini-budget had little long-lasting impact.

5) Policy reversals at the Conservative Party conference: The conference became a battleground, with policy changes and disagreements. This led to the abandonment of the flagship tax cut proposal.

6) An awkward encounter with King Charles III: During her meeting with the new monarch, Charles III, Truss faced a less-than-enthusiastic response. The televised meeting was marked by a less-than-friendly interaction between the two.

These are six moments from Truss’ premiership. While her time as Prime Minister was short-lived, it was filled with various challenges and memorable events.