Major Crash on M62 Causes Traffic Chaos during Rush Hour

A major crash on the M62 has caused widespread disruption during rush hour, with drivers facing long queues and delays as all traffic was brought to a standstill. The incident occurred on the westbound carriageway, near junction 22 for Saddleworth, leading to significant congestion for commuters heading from West Yorkshire to Greater Manchester.

The crash resulted in a complete closure of all lanes for approximately 30 minutes, causing frustration and inconvenience for motorists. Fortunately, all lanes have since reopened, gradually easing the flow of traffic. However, drivers traveling in the opposite direction were also affected by delays.

According to an update from the Inrix traffic monitoring system, “there was a temporary hold in traffic, and vehicles remained stationary due to the accident on the M62 westbound from J23 A640 New Hey Road (Huddersfield) to J22 A672 (Rishworth Moor). Traffic is moving slowly in the opposite direction.”

Despite the disruption caused by this incident, there is currently no further information on the nature of the crash. West Yorkshire Police have been contacted for additional details, but no official statement has been released as of now.

As the situation is still ongoing, it is important for commuters and travelers to stay informed about the latest updates in order to plan their journeys accordingly. We will continue to provide real-time updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Q: How long was the M62 westbound closed for?
A: The M62 westbound was closed for approximately 30 minutes following the crash.

Q: Did the incident cause delays in both directions?
A: Yes, drivers traveling in the opposite direction also faced delays as a result of the crash.

Q: Has there been any update on the nature of the crash?
A: There is currently no further information available regarding the details of the incident. West Yorkshire Police are yet to release an official statement.