Residential Development Project in Guelph Heading to Committee of Adjustment

A residential development project approved by the city council last year will be reviewed by the city’s committee of adjustment next month. The project, located at 300 Water St., involves several lot severances near the western end of the road. The owner, T.J.L Transport Limited, aims to transform the wooded area into six on-street townhouses and a single-family home.

The committee received applications for the project and a cover letter accompanying them highlighted the high demand for housing and urban development in Guelph. The application aims to meet this demand and achieve the city’s objectives.

City council approved the development plan in 2020 despite concerns raised by local residents about the loss of trees and natural habitat, as well as the number of units involved. In response to these concerns, the council made an amendment requiring the developer to plant additional trees to compensate for those being removed.

A notice posted on the development site by the City of Guelph reveals that a permit to remove trees has been issued and a total of 77 trees on the property and 15 trees on an adjacent city right of way are scheduled for removal. As part of the permit agreement, the developer has contributed $46,000 in cash to the city.

The committee of adjustment is scheduled to discuss the severance applications during their meeting on September 14th at 4 p.m. The meeting will be held at city hall and can be streamed live on the Guelph website. Those who wish to submit written comments for the committee’s consideration must do so by noon on September 7th. To speak at the committee meeting regarding the severance requests for 300 Water St., individuals must register by noon on the day of the hearing by contacting the provided email address or phone number.