Quick-Thinking Lorry Drivers Come to the Aid of a Man in Crisis on the M5 Motorway

Lorry drivers traveling on the M5 motorway demonstrated extraordinary resourcefulness when they parked their heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) under an overbridge to assist the police in a potentially life-threatening situation. The incident unfolded on Sunday, September 10, in Taunton, near Norton Fitzwarren, after Avon and Somerset police responded to reports of a man making threats to a resident and causing damage to property.

In a desperate bid to evade the authorities, the man took control of a military truck parked at the scene and rammed it into two police cars, causing extensive damage. Despite the chaos, no officers or members of the public were injured. The situation escalated when the perpetrator reached the M5 overbridge on the A361, where he abandoned the stolen truck and climbed over the railings.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, quick-thinking lorry drivers parked their vehicles beneath the overbridge, creating a potential safety net for the distressed individual above. The National Police Air Service (NPAS) commended these drivers for their actions, stating that their intervention aided officers in resolving the crisis and ensuring the safety of all parties involved.

The man, identified as a 41-year-old, was taken into custody approximately 25 minutes after he climbed over the railings. Law enforcement agencies continue their investigation into the incident, examining the circumstances leading up to the man’s actions.

This incident highlights the importance of community support and intervention during times of crisis. The actions of the lorry drivers on the M5 motorway demonstrate the incredible impact that individuals can have in assisting emergency services and safeguarding those in distress.


  1. What prompted the man’s actions and subsequent pursuit by the police?
  2. Were there any injuries sustained during the incident?
  3. How were the lorry drivers able to aid the police in resolving the situation?
  4. What happened to the man after he was taken into custody?

Source: Avon and Somerset Police