Manhunt Underway for Suspect in Grisly Decapitation Case

Authorities are on the hunt for 24-year-old Luis Gustavo Aroyo-Lopez, who has been accused of decapitating a woman and absconding with her head. Police confirm that Aroyo-Lopez is a relative of the victim but have not disclosed their exact relationship. The incident took place in Santa Rosa, California, prompting an intensive investigation by the Santa Rosa Police Department.

The gruesome discovery was made on November 2nd when officers responded to a potential homicide report in the 2500 block of Pomo Trail. Upon entering the residence, law enforcement found the lifeless body of a woman without a head. Intriguingly, the head was not located at the scene, leading detectives to believe that Aroyo-Lopez may still be in possession of this chilling evidence.

Aroyo-Lopez recently obtained parole after serving time in state prison for assault with a deadly weapon. Described as approximately 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing around 150 pounds, he has distinctive features such as a large “420” tattoo and a marijuana leaf inked on the left side of his head. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt or jacket, black pants, and white shoes. Reports suggest that he was last seen heading south on Iroquois Street from the victim’s residence.

While the police do not have specific information on Aroyo-Lopez’s intended destination, it is known that he has relatives residing in the San Joaquin Valley area. Law enforcement remains uncertain whether he is heading in that direction. The San Joaquin Valley encompasses approximately eight counties, making it difficult to pinpoint his exact whereabouts.

For the safety of the public, Aroyo-Lopez is considered armed and dangerous. Authorities urge anyone who spots him to immediately contact 911 and refrain from approaching him directly. If you have any information pertaining to this incident, please call the Santa Rosa Police Department at 707-543-3590. Additionally, a reward of up to $2,500 is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of individuals connected to the murder.


Q: What is the current status of the investigation?

A: The investigation is still ongoing as law enforcement authorities work diligently to apprehend the suspect, Luis Gustavo Aroyo-Lopez.

Q: How should the public respond if they encounter the suspect?

A: If anyone sees the suspect, it is crucial to avoid any direct contact and immediately call 911 to alert the authorities of the situation.

Q: Is there any reward for information related to the murder?

A: Yes, there is a reward of up to $2,500 for any information that could aid in the arrest of individuals associated with the crime.