Man’s Newly Purchased Lambretta Scooter Stolen During Mod Weekend Celebrations

Anthony McSweeney, from Herne Bay in Kent, was left devastated when his newly purchased Lambretta scooter was stolen during the annual Mod weekend celebrations and on his 60th birthday. He had driven to Brighton with friends to partake in the festivities and showcase his pride and joy.

The theft occurred shortly after Anthony had dropped off his belongings at his Airbnb in Bloomsbury Place, Kemp Town. Upon looking outside, he saw a man dressed in black fleeing with his scooter and towing it away using another scooter. Anthony had purchased the scooter just over a week ago, after saving for three years.

Recalling the incident, Anthony stated that he had brought all the necessary locks for the scooter into his flat but left the keys in his Airbnb. While he briefly went to the bathroom, he heard a clicking noise and realized that his scooter was being stolen. He attempted to chase after the thief, but they managed to escape.

Anthony expressed his appreciation for the quick response of the police, who arrived within 20 minutes. The stolen scooter is an original green and white Lambretta LI 150 series three with the number plate EBJ 634C. Despite offering a £500 reward for its safe return, Anthony believes that it may have already been stripped for parts.

Sadly, this is not the first time scooters have been targeted during the Mod weekend celebrations. In previous years, Lambretta scooters were stolen from various locations, including Brighton Railway Station car park and Churchill Square car park.

Sussex Police are investigating the theft and urge anyone with information to come forward. They can report online or call 101, quoting serial number 1126 of 25/08.