Manitoba NDP Vows to Reopen Emergency Rooms in Winnipeg

The Manitoba NDP has made a bold promise to reopen emergency rooms that were previously closed at three Winnipeg hospitals if they are successful in the upcoming provincial election. Led by Wab Kinew, the New Democrats have announced their plan to meet the healthcare needs of the growing population in south Winnipeg by building a new emergency room at the Victoria Hospital. In addition, they plan to construct emergency rooms at Seven Oaks General Hospital and Concordia Hospital.

The closure of these emergency rooms in 2017 sparked controversy, as it aimed to reduce wait times and address inefficiencies in Winnipeg’s healthcare system. Currently, the three facilities function as 24/7 urgent care centres. However, Kinew’s recent announcement signifies a shift in the NDP’s stance on this issue. Despite previously claiming that reopening the ERs would be too costly, the party now promises to restore these essential services.

By committing to reopen these emergency rooms, the NDP aims to prioritize quick and effective care for individuals in need. This move represents a departure from their previous approach of expanding existing resources. The plan not only involves adding more beds but also increasing the number of skilled healthcare professionals, such as nurses and physicians, to better serve the population.

Furthermore, the Manitoba NDP’s commitment to improving healthcare extends beyond the urban areas of Winnipeg. They have pledged to build a new emergency room in Eriksdale, Manitoba, to enhance medical services for families in rural communities. This shows the party’s dedication to ensuring that all Manitobans, regardless of their location, have access to high-quality healthcare.

As the provincial election approaches on October 3rd, the Manitoba NDP’s promise to reopen these emergency rooms emerges as a significant campaign pledge. If they are successful in forming the government, it could have a profound impact on the province’s healthcare landscape. Voters will have an opportunity to consider the party’s vision for improving healthcare delivery and assess the implications of reopening these essential healthcare facilities.


1. Why were the emergency rooms closed in the first place?

The emergency rooms were closed in an effort to reduce wait times and address inefficiencies in Winnipeg’s healthcare system.

2. How does the NDP plan to reopen the emergency rooms?

The NDP plans to reopen the emergency rooms by converting the current 24/7 urgent care centres back into fully functional emergency departments. They will also focus on adding more beds and increasing the number of healthcare professionals to provide better care.

3. What other healthcare improvements are the Manitoba NDP proposing?

In addition to reopening the emergency rooms in Winnipeg, the Manitoba NDP is committed to building a new emergency room in Eriksdale, Manitoba, to enhance healthcare services for rural communities.