UK Could Experience Iberian Plume Bringing 26C Heat

The UK could experience a heatwave in early September, with temperatures potentially reaching 26C, according to weather maps. The Iberian plume is expected to hit the country between 2 and 6 September, lasting for at least five days. Regions such as London, East Anglia, and the Midlands could see temperatures higher than tourist hotspot Barcelona.

The Met Office, however, predicts that temperatures during this period will be in the low 20s for most parts of the UK. Specifically, London is expected to reach a high of 24C on September 4, followed by 21C the next day. Parts of the Midlands, like Birmingham, are forecasted to have temperatures of 21C on September 4 and 5. The Met Office’s long-range forecast for the following week suggests that temperatures will be close to average, potentially feeling warm in sunny conditions. Thunder showers may occur in the south, while unsettled weather is more likely in the northwest.

This week’s weather is anticipated to be a mix of clouds and occasional sunshine, with heavier showers expected on Friday. Thursday will start off humid in many areas, with clouds and rain spreading east and north throughout the day. However, Scotland and northeastern England are expected to have mostly fine conditions. On Friday, heavy showers are forecasted across much of the country, excluding Scotland where the weather will remain dry.

Over the weekend, dry and fine weather is expected as a high-pressure system moves in, leading to increasing sunshine. The Met Office mentions the possibility of high pressure building in from the west next week, resulting in more settled conditions, particularly in the south and southeast of the UK. However, there may still be some chances of humid and thundery conditions in these areas. Any prolonged unsettled weather is likely to be confined to the far north and northwest.

Recent weeks in the UK have been marked by unsettled conditions, thunderstorms, and heavy rainfall. In contrast, parts of Europe have faced devastating wildfires due to high temperatures, resulting in thousands of evacuations. Fires have spread through Corfu, Rhodes, Evia, Crete, and the northern Peloponnese region in Greece, with the most severe fire occurring on the island of Rhodes, where around 19,000 people were evacuated from multiple locations.