The Great British Summer Weather Forecast

The upcoming bank holiday in the UK is expected to be no different from the recent weeks of wind and rain. The Met Office has predicted widespread showers and occasional strong winds across many parts of the country between Friday, August 25 and Sunday, September 3. This forecast comes after storm Betty hit parts of Wales last Friday night and Saturday morning, prompting a yellow weather warning for wind.

August has been a wet month, following a July that was one of the wettest in history for some areas of the UK. However, before the bank holiday washout, many parts of Wales can expect to see dry spells and sunshine on Tuesday, August 22, with a maximum temperature of 22°C.

Earlier forecasts from the Met Office indicated dry weather towards the end of the month. However, the current forecast suggests that the end of August, including the bank holiday weekend, will have “widespread unsettled conditions.”

For Wales, today’s weather is expected to clear out mist and low cloud early in the day, with sunny intervals and a chance of showers in the west. The evening is likely to be fine for most, with clear spells overnight and the development of patchy low cloud and fog.

Tuesday will be mostly dry with cloudy periods and occasional sunny spells, along with a small chance of isolated showers, particularly in the north. The day will feel warm in the sunshine with light winds, and the maximum temperature will reach 22°C.

Looking ahead to Wednesday to Friday, Wednesday should be mostly fine, but there will be an increasing chance of showers later in the week. Thursday and Friday are expected to see widespread showers, potentially heavy, with warm temperatures and generally light winds.

The long-range weather forecast from the Met Office predicts that the end of August will bring widespread unsettled conditions to many parts of the UK, including showers, sunny spells, and occasional strong winds. Eastern areas have a higher likelihood of frequent showers, some of which may be heavy or thundery. Western areas may see some drier spells but are not exempt from the risk of showers. Temperatures are expected to be close to normal, though slightly depressed in wetter or windier areas. Moving into early September, the unsettled theme is likely to continue, with northern areas having a greater chance of rain and showers, while drier spells are more probable in the south.