Star-Studded State Banquet in Paris Showcases France-UK Relationship

A star-studded gathering of celebrities and prominent figures from various fields attended a lavish state banquet in Paris on Wednesday night. The event, held at the historic Palace of Versailles, brought together up to 180 guests from the worlds of sport, business, and the arts to celebrate the enduring relationship between France and the United Kingdom.

The guest list, carefully curated by the Élysée, featured a diverse array of attendees, including Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Emma Mackey. The celebrities made their way along the red carpet in the blustery courtyard, with Mick Jagger seen struggling with his windswept scarf. The 80-year-old rock legend was accompanied by Melanie Hamrick, a former ballerina with whom he is romantically involved.

The evening’s grandiose ambiance was enhanced by the splendid setting of the Hall of Mirrors. Built in 1684, this magnificent hall, adorned with 357 mirrors across a 220-foot expanse, was designed to showcase the power and glory of the pre-revolution monarchy.

The three-course banquet menu included delectable dishes such as lobster, poached Bresse chicken, and a raspberry confection, providing a feast fit for royalty.

Among the notable personalities present were famous chefs such as Raymond Blanc, renowned writer Ken Follet, playwright Sir Christopher Hampton, and former professional footballers Didier Drogba and Patrick Vieira.

The event also saw the attendance of business leaders and influencers, including Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH and France’s wealthiest individual, as well as Bank of America’s president and CEO, Brian Moyniham.

Before the banquet, attendees were treated to a small concert in the palace chapel, performed by Swedish violinist Daniel Lozakovich. Both the King and French President Emmanuel Macron delivered toasts during the banquet, with the King also delivering a speech to commemorate the occasion.


1. What was the purpose of the state banquet in Paris?

The state banquet brought together guests from various fields to celebrate the France-UK relationship.

2. Who were some of the notable attendees at the banquet?

The notable attendees included Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Emma Mackey, and renowned chefs, writers, and business leaders.

3. Where was the banquet held?

The banquet took place at the historic Palace of Versailles in Paris.

4. What was the menu for the banquet?

The menu included dishes such as lobster, poached Bresse chicken, and a raspberry confection.

5. Were there any speeches or toasts during the banquet?

Both the King and French President Emmanuel Macron delivered toasts, with the King also giving a speech.