Desperate Plea to Find Missing Teenager Reaches Plymouth

A worried mother has made a plea to the public as she seeks help in finding her teenage son, who went missing from Newquay on August 20. Claire Ball, the mother of 14-year-old Peter Ball, suspects that her son may be in Plymouth. Peter’s last known location was in St Austell at around 9:45pm on the same night.

According to Ms. Ball, Peter withdrew £10 from a cash machine before disappearing. She has already reported his disappearance to the police and is urging everyone to stay vigilant and ask their children if they have any information about Peter’s whereabouts. The concerned mother mentioned that her son has friends in Newquay, Truro, and St Austell, while also having connections to Plymouth.

The plea for assistance has been widely shared on social media, with Ms. Ball emphasizing that the more people who are aware of Peter’s disappearance, the greater the chances of finding him. She stated in a Facebook post, “Missing child. Please share everywhere, our son Peter Ball, age 14 went missing yesterday at 12 noon from Newquay.” Despite the belief that Peter may have made his way to Plymouth, there is currently no concrete evidence to confirm his location.

Devon and Cornwall Police have ensured that they are actively searching for Peter and conducting extensive inquiries to locate him. They have also been tracking his phone but have yet to gather any substantial leads. In the meantime, the public is urged to contact the police at 101 and provide any information that could be helpful in the search for Peter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How old is Peter Ball?
A: Peter Ball is 14 years old.

Q: When did Peter go missing?
A: Peter went missing on August 20.

Q: Where was Peter last seen?
A: Peter was last seen in St Austell.

Q: Has Peter been in contact with anyone?
A: Peter withdrew £10 from a cash machine before he disappeared.

Q: How can I help find Peter?
A: If you have any information regarding Peter’s location, please contact the police at 101.