The Disappearance of a Tarzana Family: A Tragic Twist of Events

Authorities in Tarzana, California, are currently conducting a search for Mei Li Haskell, 37, and her parents, Yanxiang Wang, 64, and Gaoshan Li, 71, after the discovery of an unidentified woman’s torso in a nearby dumpster. This horrifying revelation has left the community in shock and seeking answers.

Following the discovery, the attention turned to the Haskells’ home, located on Coldstream Terrace. Investigators scoured the property, but no official announcement has been made regarding what was found during the search. A neighbor, Elle Benami, recounted what she was told by the police, revealing that parts of a body were discovered inside the house.

Mei Li Haskell, known for her kindness and generosity, had been a comforting presence for Benami during the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their families would often gather in the front or backyard, providing solace and support to one another. Mei Li was described as a social person who loved hosting parties and creating joyful experiences for her friends and loved ones.

Meanwhile, Mei Li’s husband, Samuel Haskell, was taken into custody following the grisly finding. He is currently under arrest and being held on a $2 million bail. Samuel, the 35-year-old son of former celebrity agent Sam Haskell Sr., has been identified as the main suspect in connection to the torso discovered near the dumpster. The investigation suggests that the victim may well be Mei Li herself, but no formal identification has been made.

As the search for Mei Li and her parents continues, the Haskells’ three children have been placed under the care of the county Department of Children and Family Services. The community, grappling with the shock and uncertainty of these events, struggles to comprehend the tragedy that has unfolded in their quiet neighborhood.


Q: What is the current status of Mei Li Haskell and her parents?
A: Mei Li Haskell and her parents remain missing, and authorities are actively searching for them.

Q: What was discovered during the search of the Haskells’ home?
A: While parts of a body were found inside the house, no official details have been released regarding the findings.

Q: Who has been arrested in connection to the case?
A: Samuel Haskell, husband of Mei Li Haskell, has been taken into custody and is currently the prime suspect linked to the torso discovered near the dumpster.

Q: What is the current situation with the Haskells’ children?
A: The Haskells’ three children are now under the care of the county Department of Children and Family Services as the investigation and search progress.