Unsettling Messages and Mysterious Artwork: A Haunting Discovery in Victoria’s Mushroom Chef’s Former Home

In the quiet town of Korumburra, Victoria, a tradesman stumbled upon a chilling sight inside a former residence of Erin Patterson, infamous for her mushroom culinary expertise. The photos captured a wall adorned with disturbing graffiti, featuring satanic messages, tombstones, and references to death that sent shivers down the witnesses’ spines.

The anonymous tradesman, who bravely documented the eerie artwork, noted the intricate lines of text etched on the wall, including phrases like “You don’t long to live 1 hour exactly,” “Your dead from my sword,” and “The words know you.” Adding to the unsettling atmosphere, three tombstones were intricately drawn, bearing the memorials of “granma R.I.P” and “Me R.I.P.”

Surrounded by such macabre imagery, it comes as no surprise that the tradesman referred to it as the “death wall.” The sheer magnitude of the graffiti, coupled with its chilling nature, left him deeply unsettled. “I’ve looked at it and gone, holy sh*t, what the hell’s going on here? It just didn’t look right to me as a parent,” he expressed.

As speculation swirls regarding the origins and purpose of this haunting display, it begs the question of who may have created it. According to Ms. Patterson, she was not present at the time and maintains that her two children, aged approximately 12 and 10, were responsible for the artwork. Yet, the tradesman’s skepticism lingers, questioning how such ominous words and symbols could emerge from innocent young minds.

The occult-like imagery on the death wall has captivated the curiosity of locals and investigators alike. The strange drawings and messages offer a disconcerting insight into the darker side of human expression. However, it must be noted that the purpose and intention behind these creations remain a mystery.


Q: Who discovered the eerie artwork inside Erin Patterson’s former home?
A: A tradesman stumbled upon the disturbing artwork.

Q: What kind of messages and imagery did the wall exhibit?
A: The wall was filled with satanic messages, tombstones, and references to death.

Q: Who does Erin Patterson claim was responsible for the artwork?
A: Ms. Patterson stated that her children, who were not present during the incident, created the artwork.

Q: What was the tradesman’s reaction upon seeing the death wall?
A: The tradesman found it deeply unsettling, questioning its appropriateness, especially for children.

Q: What remains a mystery regarding the death wall?
A: The purpose and intention behind the eerie artwork have yet to be determined.