Sunrise Host Reveals Disparaging Email About Kmart and BIG W from RBA Staff Member

During a live TV segment, Sunrise host Nat Barr shared details of a disparaging email written by a Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) staff member about popular retailers Kmart and BIG W. The issue was raised during an interview with Labor Minister for Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek and former deputy prime minister and Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce, in the context of the controversy surrounding the RBA’s spending.

Internal emails, released under Freedom of Information, showed that the RBA had spent thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money on various expenses, including lavish dinners and parties. One such email suggested shopping for Christmas decorations at Kmart and BIG W to save money. However, the tone of the email appeared to be mocking the stores, despite their popularity among millions of Australians.

Barr emphasized the need for transparency in the RBA’s spending, expressing concerns about the use of taxpayer funds for expensive meals and drinks. Both Joyce and Plibersek agreed that public institutions, like the RBA, should be cautious and open about their expenditure.

Plibersek mentioned a proposal by Treasurer Jim Chalmers to increase transparency within the RBA. The proposal suggests regular press conferences to explain the bank’s decisions to the public.

Overall, the revelations about the RBA’s spending and the disparaging email have sparked a discussion about the need for accountability and transparency in public institutions when it comes to handling taxpayer funds.