National Hurricane Center Tracking Two New Tropical Disturbances

The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring two new tropical disturbances in the Atlantic. The first disturbance, known as Invest-97-L, is located a few hundred miles southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. According to the National Hurricane Center, there is a 20% chance of development for this system in the next two days, as well as a 20% chance of development in the next seven days. However, environmental conditions are expected to become less favorable for development over the next day as the disturbance moves westward over the eastern tropical Atlantic.

Another disturbance near the coast of Africa has been given a 40% chance of development in the next seven days. The current environmental conditions appear to be conducive for slow development of this system. The National Hurricane Center will continue to monitor both disturbances closely and provide updates as necessary.

These tropical disturbances serve as a reminder that hurricane season is still in full swing. It is important for individuals and communities along the Atlantic coast to stay informed and prepared for potential tropical weather threats. Monitor local weather forecasts, heed any warnings or advisories issued by local authorities, and have an emergency preparedness plan in place.