Bringing Back National Service: A Voluntary Programme for 16-Year-Olds

Penny Mordaunt, a well-known advocate of serving one’s community and nation, has launched a new campaign to bring back national service. However, the national service she envisions is a voluntary programme specifically designed for 16-year-olds. The programme involves a two-week “civic exploration” experience.

It should be noted that serving one’s community and country can still be accomplished in just a fortnight. The idea of bringing back national service is often raised, resembling the recurring nature of the Mission Impossible movie franchise. However, the actual implementation of national service has been limited, with only a small number of individuals experiencing any active participation.

The concept of bringing back national service finds strong support among a generation who have romantically convinced themselves that they were part of the fight in the Second World War, despite being born years after its conclusion.

National service, as envisioned by Mordaunt, aims to provide young individuals with an opportunity to explore their civic duties and responsibilities. By engaging in this programme, 16-year-olds can contribute to their communities and develop a sense of social responsibility. The voluntary nature of the programme allows participants to choose to engage in this experience.

While the two-week duration may seem short, it offers a concentrated period for young individuals to immerse themselves in community-oriented activities. These activities may include volunteer work, local projects, or initiatives that address pressing societal issues. Through this exposure, participants can develop valuable skills, including teamwork, empathy, and leadership.

Bringing back national service for younger individuals provides a platform for them to make a meaningful impact on society. It encourages a sense of duty and instills a spirit of giving back to the community. By participating in such programmes, young people can develop a stronger connection to their nation and gain a deeper understanding of their role in shaping the future.