Maui County Releases List of 388 People Unaccounted for After Wildfires

Maui County has released the names of almost 400 individuals who remain officially unaccounted for, two weeks after devastating wildfires swept through the island. The list, compiled by the FBI, consists of 388 names with first and last names validated, according to county officials.

Police Chief John Pelletier, in a statement, explained that the list was being released to assist in the ongoing investigation. However, he acknowledged that the release of names could cause pain for individuals with loved ones listed. Despite this, efforts are being made to ensure a comprehensive investigation.

Authorities are requesting anyone with information about the newly released names to contact the FBI or email them. So far, 1,732 individuals who were initially reported as unaccounted for have since been found safe and well.

The wildfires, which were whipped by strong winds, devastated the town of Lahaina in West Maui on August 8. At least 115 people have been confirmed dead, making these wildfires the deadliest in modern U.S. history.

Maui County has filed a lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric Co., alleging their negligence in failing to shut off power despite repeated warnings of potential fires. The county is seeking damages and compensation. Additionally, Hawaiian Electric is facing multiple lawsuits, including one accusing them of fraud for not disclosing substandard wildfire prevention and safety measures.

The Environmental Protection Agency has not set a timeline for when hazardous waste removal efforts will begin in Lahaina. However, they have mentioned that the process will start after the area is deemed safe by search and rescue teams.

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