Man in Critical Condition After Brisbane House Fire

A man is in critical condition after sustaining severe burns in a devastating house fire that also affected neighboring homes. The incident occurred at Hugh Walker’s residence in Brisbane, with the fire quickly spreading to adjacent properties on Forbes Street in Hawthorne.

Authorities received footage showing a man attempting to evacuate residents from the houses as the flames engulfed the area. Despite the efforts, Hugh’s wife, Julie, managed to escape but realized her husband was still trapped inside.

Concerned neighbors, including Peter Tarrant, bravely rushed to the burning house to rescue Hugh. Eventually, Hugh emerged from the front door, his body engulfed in flames. Prompt action was taken to douse him with water and keep him alive until medical assistance arrived.

Local residents took immediate measures to aid Mr. Walker, using garden hoses to alleviate his burns. Paul MacKay, one of the individuals present, continuously drenched him with water until the arrival of the ambulance. Sadly, Hugh Walker sustained severe burns covering 80 percent of his body.

According to the authorities, the fire’s origins are still under investigation. Hugh’s wife reported hearing a loud bang and witnessing smoke emanating from both the dishwasher and the rear of the house.

Despite Mr. Walker’s efforts to contain the fire using a garden hose, it rapidly grew beyond control. Regrettably, only one of the three affected homes could be saved from the blaze.

In addition to Hugh Walker, two other individuals were transported to the hospital for further medical attention. Local police continue to investigate the incident in order to determine the cause of the fire.