YW Calgary Opens New Crisis Shelter to Double Capacity and Support Domestic Violence Victims

YW Calgary celebrated the grand opening of its new crisis shelter, which aims to double its capacity and provide support to victims of domestic violence. The previous shelter had a capacity of 40 people, but the new building offers 80 spaces for women, children, and, for the first time, pets.

The decision to build a new shelter rather than renovating the old one was made in order to address the changing needs, experiences, and diversity of the Calgary community. YW Calgary opted for a $50 million expansion plan, which included building the new shelter at a location in Inglewood.

The YW now operates three buildings at its new location. In addition to the crisis shelter, there is the Hub, which has space for 100 singles, and the Taylor Family Home, which is an affordable housing space for 19 women and 70 children. Families will be moving into the crisis shelter next week, and it is expected to reach full capacity immediately.

The new shelter incorporates “trauma-informed design” with features such as natural light, accessible halls, kitchen amenities, and outdoor play spaces. This design aims to provide a supportive and inviting environment for individuals in crisis.

Funding for the new crisis shelter project came from various sources, including $11 million from the federal government and $2.2 million from the province’s Arts, Culture, and Status of Women ministry. However, YW Calgary is still seeking $2.8 million from the community to cover the remaining costs.

YW Calgary recognizes the growing need for multiple levels of support for domestic violence victims as the population of the city increases. The new crisis shelter aims to provide a safe and transformative space for individuals during their darkest days, with a dedicated team ready to assist them in their journey towards healing and rebuilding their lives.