Manitoba NDP Promises to Build New CancerCare Headquarters

Manitoba’s NDP leader, Wab Kinew, announced on Sunday that if elected, the party would build a new headquarters for CancerCare Manitoba on the campus of the city’s Health Sciences Centre. The estimated cost for the capital project is $350 million, to be funded by the province.

According to Kinew, CancerCare Manitoba is currently facing space and lighting issues, and the facility is “bursting at the seams” with staff. The proposed new building aims to address these issues and enhance the overall quality of care provided. Kinew stated that Manitoba has the necessary budget funds for this investment and emphasized the need for political will to make it happen.

Although specific details about the capacity and number of beds were not mentioned, Kinew expressed his intention to explore existing staff within CancerCare for the facility’s operations. He also emphasized the importance of ensuring that the detailed plans align with the current needs or are updated accordingly.

The NDP’s promise regarding the CancerCare headquarters aligns with their focus on healthcare throughout their election campaign. Kinew stressed that the priority is to provide resources, space, and equipment to support the dedicated staff already in place.

In 2017, the Progressive Conservative government cancelled the construction of a new CancerCare Manitoba headquarters worth $300 million, among other planned healthcare facilities.

On a different note, Manitoba’s Liberal party made promises related to post-secondary education. Their plan includes reinstating health care coverage for international students and reintroducing the tuition rebate program for graduates who remain in the province. The Liberals also affirmed their commitment to stable, multi-year funding for post-secondary institutions and respecting their autonomy.

As the election approaches on October 3rd, these promises from various parties highlight the healthcare and education priorities for the province of Manitoba.