Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Driver Involved in Tragic Daylesford Crash

The recent fatal crash at a beer garden in Daylesford has left the community in shock and mourning. The driver, a 66-year-old Mount Macedon man, who remains unnamed, has been interviewed by the police but has not been charged. His lawyer, Martin Amad, revealed that the driver is an insulin-dependent diabetic, deeply distressed by the incident.

This tragic accident occurred on a Sunday evening when a BMW SUV mounted the kerb and ploughed into a crowd at The Royal Daylesford Hotel. The scene described by the police as “one of the worst and most confronting” saw five people lose their lives, while five others were injured.

Mr. Amad emphasized that his client is a family man with no criminal record and registered a negative alcohol reading at the scene. It’s important to note that the investigation will take some time due to the complexity of the case. The driver’s diabetes played a role in the incident, as he required immediate treatment by paramedics at the scene, which led to his current hospitalization.

The tragedy struck two families who were enjoying a sunny evening at the beer garden. Vivek Bhatia, a father from Tarneit, and his eldest son lost their lives, while his wife and youngest son sustained serious but stable injuries. Another family from Point Cook, including a mother, daughter, and partner, also lost their lives in the crash.

The Daylesford community has come together to support the Bhatia family during their recovery from this devastating event. A fundraiser was set up to assist them, which quickly surpassed its $50,000 goal as locals rallied behind the cause.

As investigations into the crash’s circumstances continue, the police are urging anyone with information, CCTV footage, or dashcam recordings to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers.


1. Who was behind the wheel during the Daylesford beer garden crash?

The driver has remained unnamed in the article.