Nine Hospitalized After Car Accident in Central London

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a car collision occurred in Aldwych, central London, leaving nine individuals hospitalized. The incident, which took place at approximately 03:30 GMT, involved a car crashing into a crowded bus stop and injuring multiple pedestrians. London Ambulance Service swiftly responded to the scene and confirmed that eight of those injured were transported to nearby hospitals for medical treatment.

The Metropolitan Police promptly arrived at the location following emergency calls reporting the incident. A man in his 20s was taken into custody on suspicion of dangerous driving. Both the arrested individual and the injured victims were then transferred to the hospital for further examination. The police have emphasized that, at present, the collision is not believed to be related to terrorism.

As a result of the accident, road closures have been implemented in the affected area to facilitate investigation and recovery efforts. The Metropolitan Police Service is actively working to establish the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident. Meanwhile, the London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service are cooperating with the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected.

In times of such incidents, it is essential for individuals to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly. As investigations continue, it is crucial to prioritize the support and care of the injured individuals and ensure that measures are taken to prevent similar accidents in the future.


Q: How many people were injured in the car accident?
A: Nine individuals were hospitalized as a result of the collision.

Q: Was the incident treated as a terror-related act?
A: No, the authorities have confirmed that the incident is not being treated as terror-related at this stage.

Q: Are there any road closures in place?
A: Yes, road closures remain in place in the affected area to facilitate investigation and recovery efforts.