New Article: Police Respond to Film Shoot Report in North Vancouver

Over the weekend, the North Vancouver police received a report of a group of individuals in body armor carrying rifles on the set of a film shoot. Concerned citizens alerted the authorities, prompting a swift response from the local law enforcement.

The incident took place in an underground parking lot on Marine Drive, where North Vancouver RCMP discovered that the men in question were actors participating in an action film shoot. What made matters complicated was that the production team had not obtained the necessary permits for filming in public spaces.

In light of the situation, the police issued a warning to the film crew and took the opportunity to educate them about the protocols and requirements for filming in the city. It is crucial to obtain proper permits to ensure the safety of both the cast and the public.

Constable Mansoor Sahak emphasized that the North Vancouver RCMP takes reports involving firearms very seriously. Although the guns were part of the film’s props, the police need to evaluate every situation diligently to ensure public safety is not compromised.

It is important for filmmakers and production companies to understand the regulations and guidelines set forth by the local authorities when conducting any film shoots in public spaces. By obtaining the appropriate permits and adhering to the necessary safety protocols, filmmakers can ensure a smooth and incident-free production.


Q: Were there any injuries during the incident?
A: Fortunately, no one was injured during the film shoot incident.

Q: Why did the police respond to the report?
A: The police took the report seriously due to the presence of individuals in body armor carrying rifles.

Q: Did the film crew face any consequences?
A: The film crew received a warning from the police regarding their lack of permits and were educated about city protocols for filming in public spaces.