Police Officer in Critical Condition After Being Hit by Train While Trying to Save Distressed Man

A police officer is currently in critical condition in the hospital after being struck by a train while attempting to rescue a distressed man on the tracks. The incident took place in Balderton, Nottinghamshire at around 19:00 BST on Thursday after concerns were raised about the man’s safety.

According to the British Transport Police (BTP), the incident occurred near Newark Northgate station. The officer was hit by the train, and the distressed man sustained non life-threatening electrocution injuries. Both individuals are currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Kate Meynell expressed her sorrow over the incident, stating that it is a “truly devastating” occurrence that has left the officer in a critical condition. She assured that the officer’s family is receiving support and that he will receive the necessary care.

Meynell also acknowledged the trauma experienced by all those who attended the scene, with some providing immediate medical assistance before the arrival of the ambulance. She expressed her gratitude for their swift and dedicated response to the incident.

The investigation is being led by the British Transport Police, and further details of the incident have not been revealed.

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