Tackling the Surge of Illegal Vaping: NSW Government Allocates $6.8 Million

The NSW government has pledged $6.8 million to combat the rising levels of illegal vaping in the state. With a focus on safeguarding the health of young people who are addicted to vaping, Premier Chris Minns announced the three-year investment as a necessary step in curbing this concerning trend.

Recognizing the pressing need to protect children from the dangers of vaping, Minns asserts, “We’re committed to taking the fight against illegal vapes, particularly to protect children and young people from the risks associated with vaping.” To date, NSW Health has already seized a staggering 187,000 illegal vapes in 2022 alone. Consequently, authorities are intensifying their efforts to crackdown even further on these addictive and harmful products.

While acknowledging that vaping may serve as a gateway to increased smoking rates among young individuals, Minns highlights that collaborative action with all levels of government is vital in addressing this significant public health challenge.

Under the new policy, $4.3 million will be allocated towards enforcement and compliance measures. The remaining $2.5 million will be directed towards initiatives aimed at helping young people quit their addiction. These include the development of a digital platform and an online learning module for youth services across the state.

As NSW continues to witness a surge in illegal vaping, Health Minister Ryan Park emphasizes the need for stringent action. “Tough action is needed to stop the illegal sale of vapes containing nicotine and to prevent vapes from finding their way into the hands of minors,” he asserts. The harmful chemicals present in vapes pose a serious threat to health, particularly among young individuals who are more vulnerable.

It is worth noting that the federal government has already banned the import of non-prescription vapes and imposed strict restrictions on flavors and packaging. Federal Health Minister Mark Buttler assures that the Commonwealth will collaborate with states and territories to further crack down on the sale of vapes in convenience stores.

The NSW government’s significant investment sends a strong message to the community, urging them to support NSW Health’s efforts by reporting any retailers engaged in illicit activities. By taking robust measures and investing in programs to help young people quit their addiction, the government aims to tackle the alarming rise in illegal vaping and protect the future health of its citizens.


What are some of the dangers associated with vaping?

Vaping can have detrimental effects on a person’s health, particularly young individuals. It exposes the lungs to dangerous chemicals, many of which have not been thoroughly tested for safety when inhaled. The use of vapes can also serve as a gateway to increased smoking rates among young people.

What actions will be taken to address the rise in illegal vaping?

The NSW government has allocated $6.8 million to combat the surge of illegal vaping. $4.3 million will go towards enforcement and compliance measures, while $2.5 million will be devoted to initiatives aimed at helping young people quit their vaping addiction.

How can individuals contribute to the fight against illegal vaping?

The community is encouraged to support the efforts of NSW Health by reporting any retailers involved in the illicit sale of vapes. By working together, we can ensure that vapes containing nicotine do not reach minors and help protect the health of the younger generation.