New Investigation Urged at Townsville University Hospital Amidst Concerns of Patient Safety and Staff Attacks

The town of Townsville in Queensland, Australia is facing mounting concerns over patient safety and attacks on hospital staff at the Townsville University Hospital. The Nurses Professional Association of Queensland (NPAQ) has called for an independent inquiry into the hospital following reports of preventable deaths and the sexual assault of a nurse.

According to the NPAQ, there have been numerous incidents of mismanagement and failure to follow health policies and procedures at the hospital. These alleged management failures have resulted in serious patient outcomes and put both patients and staff at risk. The NPAQ claims that expert clinicians are not adequately mentoring staff, leading to potential errors in patient care.

In one case, a patient named Steven Angus was discharged from the hospital despite experiencing suicidal ideations. He was tragically shot dead by police the following day after allegedly charging at officers with knives. The NPAQ argues that Angus should not have been released from the hospital and that his case highlights significant flaws in the hospital’s decision-making process.

Additionally, the NPAQ has raised concerns about the case of Vincent O’Keefe, a 77-year-old dementia patient who was fatally injured by another patient in the secure gerontology ward of the hospital last year. They claim that the hospital allowed a high-risk patient to be under the same care as O’Keefe, which ultimately resulted in his death.

In response to these allegations, the hospital stated that it had conducted an internal review of both cases and worked with authorities to address any issues. However, the NPAQ argued that the hospital’s internal incident management system, known as “RISKMAN,” failed to prompt necessary actions to prevent these incidents from occurring.

These recent incidents have sparked outrage and concern among both healthcare professionals and the public. Many are calling for a thorough and independent investigation into the management and practices at the Townsville University Hospital to ensure the safety of patients and staff.


Q: What is the NPAQ calling for?
A: The NPAQ is calling for an independent inquiry into the Townsville University Hospital.

Q: What incidents have raised concerns about patient safety and staff attacks?
A: There have been reports of preventable deaths and the sexual assault of a nurse at the hospital.

Q: How has the hospital responded to these allegations?
A: The hospital has conducted internal reviews and worked with authorities to address any issues.

Q: Why is an independent investigation needed?
A: Many believe that a thorough investigation is necessary to ensure the safety of patients and staff at the hospital.