New Candidates Join the Race in Northwest Territories Election

As the nomination period for the Northwest Territories (NWT) election came to a close, several new candidates emerged, adding excitement and competition to the race. One of the prominent new contenders is Paulie Chinna, the housing minister, who entered the race just before the deadline. Chinna is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the table with her experience in housing and urban development.

In addition to Chinna, other notable candidates include Lenora McLeod, who will challenge incumbent Lesa Semmler in Inuvik Twin Lakes, and Vince Teddy, who has turned Nunakput into a contested district by joining the race against Lucy Kuptana. These new candidates are injecting energy into the election, promising a more competitive and dynamic campaign season.

It’s important to note that the candidate lists are not yet final. From 2pm till 5pm on Friday, candidates have the option to withdraw. Furthermore, there is a possibility that nominations received at the last minute may not have been added to Elections NWT’s published list. The final list of candidates will be confirmed at 5pm.

The addition of new candidates has reduced the number of districts expected to have uncontested acclamations. Originally, six out of the 19 districts appeared headed for acclamations, meaning only one candidate would run unopposed. However, this number has been reduced to three, with acclamations confirmed in Kam Lake, Monfwi, and Yellowknife South for the incumbents.

The Northwest Territories has not witnessed more than three acclamations since 2003, making the emergence of new candidates a positive development for democracy and voter engagement. As the campaign period continues, it will be interesting to see how these new contenders shape the discourse and offer alternative visions for the future of NWT.


1. Can candidates withdraw after the nomination period closes?
Yes, candidates have the option to withdraw from the race between 2pm and 5pm on the day of the nomination period’s closure.

2. How are acclamations determined?
Acclamations occur when only one candidate runs for a district, effectively avoiding a formal election. The candidate is then declared the winner without competition.

3. When will the final list of candidates be confirmed?
The final list of candidates will be finalized at 5pm on the day of the nomination period’s closure.

4. Why are new candidates considered positive for democracy?
New candidates bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and competition to the election process, ensuring a more engaging and democratic campaign season. By providing alternatives, these candidates encourage voter participation and offer a broader choice for constituents.