New York Voters Reject Partisan Gerrymandering, Poll Finds

New York voters have voiced their opposition to any attempts by the Democratically-controlled state government to redraw congressional district lines for the upcoming 2024 elections. According to a recent poll conducted by GOP pollster John McLaughlin for the group Stop NY Corruption, 72% of likely voters rejected gerrymandering, while 81% viewed partisan political redistricting as a form of cheating.

The survey also revealed that 62% of respondents disapprove of ongoing efforts by New York Democrats to discard the 2022 district lines, which were previously drawn by a neutral, court-appointed special master. The state’s Constitution emphasizes the importance of districts that do not discourage competition or favor incumbents or specific candidates/political parties, with 80% of voters agreeing with this principle.

Furthermore, 78% of those polled stated that partisan political gerrymandering leads to increased corruption. A majority of voters (75%) expressed their belief that such gerrymandering denies them their civil right to choose their Congress members through fair, competitive elections. Additionally, 72% of voters expressed concerns about political party bosses wielding excessive power in selecting individual members of Congress.

The rejection of partisan gerrymandering by New York voters is consistent with their desire for members of Congress to be held accountable to their constituents, with 70% of respondents affirming this sentiment. The poll underscores that the Democrats’ pursuit of partisan gerrymandering goes against the will of the people, as McLaughlin stated.

The ongoing legal battle over redistricting in New York has seen twists and turns. In 2020, the state’s highest court invalidated new district lines for Congress and the state Senate, ruling them in favor of Democrats and to the detriment of Republicans. However, a court-appointed special master rectified this imbalance, resulting in three House seats being secured by Republicans and their majority control of the lower chamber.

Nevertheless, Democrats gained the upper hand when a mid-level court ordered a redraw of the lines, a decision that Republicans have since challenged. The state Court of Appeals will hear arguments regarding this matter on November 15.

As discussions surrounding redistricting continue, the poll conducted by Stop NY Corruption serves as a powerful indication of widespread opposition to partisan gerrymandering. Voters from different political backgrounds believe that attempts to undo the current district lines amount to corruption, highlighting the importance of fair representation and competitive elections.

Q: What is gerrymandering?
A: Gerrymandering refers to the manipulation of electoral district boundaries by political parties to gain an advantage in elections.

Q: How often do congressional lines get redrawn?
A: Congressional lines are redrawn once every 10 years to account for changes in population.

Source: [The New York Post – New York Voters Widely Oppose Dem-Backed Gerrymandering Efforts: Poll](