Man Accused of Assault Claims Divine Judgment While Being Arrested

A man accused of brutally beating a disabled woman in a Manhattan subway station caused a scene during his arrest, ranting about judgment and proclaiming himself a man of the Lord. Norton Blake, 43, of the Bronx, went on an unhinged tirade as he was being led out of the NYPD’s Transit Bureau District 3 headquarters in Harlem. Blake, who was being processed on felony assault charges, shouted that judgment was coming upon the face of the Earth and that he should not be treated in such a manner.

Clad in black with a gold design on his sweatpants, Blake brashly commanded the reporters and photographers to move and taunted them with claims that they would remember his words when divine wrath was unleashed. He even referenced “fake news,” echoing the sentiments of former President Donald Trump. As he was escorted to a waiting police vehicle, Blake insisted that the world was on the brink of World War III.

Newly obtained footage of the assault showed Blake using a cane, belt, and fists to attack a 60-year-old woman named Laurell Reynolds inside the subway station. The video captured him berating her, claiming that he was trying to help her with her walker before it accidentally fell down the stairs. Blake went on to berate Reynolds, cursing at her, and physically assaulting her, causing the cane to shatter over her body. An MTA worker witnessed the incident, called for help, and documented it.

Blake was apprehended by the NYPD’s Warrant Squad early Wednesday morning. He has a history of prior arrests, with a total of nine on record. Reynolds, on the other hand, remains hospitalized and is still recovering from the traumatic assault.


Q: What were the charges against Norton Blake?
A: Norton Blake was charged with felony assault for the brutal attack on Laurell Reynolds.

Q: Was the assault captured on camera?
A: Yes, a disturbing video of the assault was obtained and documented by an MTA worker.

Q: How did Norton Blake respond during his arrest?
A: Blake went on an unhinged rant, proclaiming himself a man of the Lord and warning of imminent judgment.

Q: What was the reaction of the bystanders and reporters?
A: Bystanders and reporters were taken aback by Blake’s outburst, with some fearing the severity of his delusional beliefs.

Q: Is Norton Blake facing any prior charges?
A: Yes, Blake has a history of prior arrests, with a total of nine on record.