Tragedy in New York City Daycare: One-Year-Old Dies, Other Children Hospitalized

A one-year-old boy tragically lost his life and three other children were rushed to the hospital after emergency workers responded to a daycare center in New York City. Police discovered equipment commonly used in the production of illegal drugs at the home-based daycare in the Bronx. It is suspected that all the children, including the deceased child, may have been exposed to an opioid substance over an extended period of time.

The cause of death and hospitalizations are still under investigation, but authorities believe that the children may have come into contact with a potent substance that caused their condition. The exact details of what transpired remain unknown.

On the day of the incident, emergency services were alerted to the situation at the Divino Niño daycare around 2:40 PM. Workers found that the children had eaten and taken their nap, but some remained unconscious when they tried to wake them up. Tragically, one of the children, a boy named Nicholas Dominici, was pronounced dead. Two other children, a two-year-old boy and an eight-month-old girl, were rushed to the hospital. Another two-year-old boy, who had left the daycare earlier but exhibited lethargy and unresponsiveness, was also taken to the hospital. His life was saved by the administration of the opioid reversal medication Narcan.

Authorities have conducted tests for environmental hazards in the daycare center, such as carbon monoxide, but found no evidence of such dangers. A warrant was issued to search the premises, leading to the discovery of a kilo press, a device commonly used in packaging large quantities of drugs.

The investigation is ongoing, and the medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of Nicholas Dominici’s death. The surviving children’s urine and blood will also be analyzed to identify the substance they were exposed to.

Prior to this tragic incident, another one-year-old boy in New York lost his life in February due to poisoning from fentanyl, acetyl fentanyl, and cocaine. His death was ruled a homicide. Similarly, in November 2021, novelist Paul Auster’s 10-month-old granddaughter died from poisoning caused by fentanyl and heroin. The girl’s father was charged with manslaughter and later died from a drug overdose during the legal proceedings.

The daycare had recently passed a city inspection, but two individuals involved in running the facility are currently under investigation and may face charges.